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ExifTool 10.45

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 A lot of times, professionals and software testing guys need an efficient solution that will enable them to quickly modify the meta information stored along with various files that travel and gets shared in the world wide web. These include image files, raw image formats created by various digital cameras and many more. ExifTool is one such tool that encompasses the largest number of formats and supports inherently a lot of file types. ExifTool is a one stop solution to many edits.


 - It is available for both Windows and Mac and supports the latest in both the domains. It has an extensively prepared documentation to guide you through the installation process, even though you need to just install .exe file in one case  and a .dmg in another.
 - This is completely written in Perl and using this library makes it completely platform independent and usable across all devices and operating systems. 
 - It comes with a command line option as well, which is a GUI based application that allows you all the basic manipulations like reading, writing and editing.
 - The tool is extremely lightweight and powerful and hence, does not showcase tremendous graphical displays and animations It is really simple and plain and does its job really well.


 ExifTool supports various formats like exif, gps, xmp, geotiff, icc profile, photoshop IRB, flashpix, and raw formats from cameras of made like casio, FujiFilm, Canon, Kodak, Leaf, Nintendo, Nikon, Panasonic, Leica and even many more. They have a complete list on their official website. The official website also provides direct links to documentation that will guide you through the various aspects of installation and using it through the command line. It provides support for multi-lingual outputs in more than 15 languages. You could create binary formats and even store them in text files. 
 - It also automatically backups original file when editing it.


 The recent release covers many latest formats and builds. The current release for Window is exiftool-10.02.zip that is a 3.8MB file and ExifTool-9.99.dmg for the Mac OS X that is a 2.5MB file. These packages also include the HTML documentation to support your queries. It is highly recommended to view the list of supported formats because they reach over thousand and you must be sure before you start using it. Also, spend a little time to learn the various options and syntax for command line usage.

 ExifTool is a phenomenal application in the right hands.

Changes on the new version:
- Added a few new Microsoft XMP tags
- Enhanced -r option to allow processing of directory names beginning with "."
- Avoid writing XMP-microsoft:LensModel unless specified explicitly
- Limit precision of area size in picasa_faces config file (thanks StarGeek)
- Moved Nikon NCDT GPS tags into the GPS group so they work with the Composite GPS tags
- Fixed problem reading Ricoh RMETA information from some cameras

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